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Woodwright's Knoll

Woodwright's Knoll is soon to become the centerpiece of a small enclave of seven homes known as Millard's Mill.  The exterior and general layout of the homes are designed to replicate historic homes that have gone to ruin, but they will be constructed of sustainable materials with present day amenities, such as gourmet kitchens, bedrooms with en suite baths, and laundry centers. 

Woodwright's Knoll is situated on 24.60 acres and is an exemplary model of a turn of the century farmhouse.  The house that sits on the property was initially built in 1912. There have been several additions prior to the last owners taking possession in 1943.  The workmanship in this house is indicative of a project created by skilled carpenters. The builder and first owner was John McDonald, a carpenter who emigrated from Scotland.  The basic construction is known as balloon construction, where 20+' studs run continuously from the mudsill to the rafter place; floor joists are nailed direct to the face of studs and rest on let-in ledger strips.  This construction is surprisingly sturdy as it is afforded bracing by diagonal sheathing boards.  The home has been restored and an addition containing a garage, 1-1/2 baths, laundry and two bedrooms with walk-in closets has been added to update the structure to meet today's standards.


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